Wild Lemongrass

Refreshing, clean and just a little bit sweet, this aroma begins with lemongrass, mandarin and a swirl of lemon verbena with a bold finish of cedarwood, vanilla and musk. Stimulating and vibrant, a fresh, clean blend of bergamot, lime, sweet orange and lemongrass. A freshness explosion!


Pet Odour Eliminator

A strong citrus explosion that will confidently freshen any home if you are worried about pet smells. Juicy grapefruit, a fresh burst of exotic Persian lime and the sweetest of mangoes, only to be exquisitely coupled with the warmth of nutmeg, clove and delicious cinnamon. A wonderfully strong blend!



Our aftershave scented wax melts are similar in scent to the famous High Street brands. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance companies. The wax melt simply smells similar to the brands.


Unstoppable Fresh

Reminiscent of the Unstoppable scent boosters from Lenor - with similar notes id a diffusive fruity floral accord opening with clean ozonic notes and soft citrus orange, peach and green apple, leading to a floral heart of translucent Jasmin, rose and neroli, freshened with aromatic nuances of anis, eucalyptus and green notes. We are in no way affiliated with the company. The wax melt simply smells similar to the scent booster.

Carpet Fresheners 250g