Scent your home with a stylish electric wax warming aroma lamp and choose 3 waxes of your choice by leaving your scent request in the box provided. The scent descriptions can be found under the main wax pod categories.


Sherbet Orb Wax Warmer measures 16cm and has a pearl colour when unlit.  Featuring "Touch Technology".  Touching the base of this warmer will give you 3 different levels of heat and light.  Our Sherbet design features a frosted glass that diffuses light beautifully.



Place wax in top of the warmer and flick the switch. For touch sensitive warmers you can adjust the temperature by touching the touch sensitive base. Please read all warnings before warming any wax. All electric warmers should always be placed on fireproof surfaces (ie, ceramic coasters, plates etc). The hot lamp may cause damage or discolouration if placed on flammable surfaces when in use. Warm for the maximum time stated in the manufacturers instructions.Please note: Old used wax from your warmers should be removed by melting your old wax and cleaning it out with a cotton ball, kitchen paper or similar. Do not attempt to remove your old wax forcibly with a sharpe object as this could crack, break or damage your warmer.

Sherbet Orb Electric Warmer plus 3 Maxi Pod Wax Bundle

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